JUMPSTART started off being series of workshops in 2009 for childrens' book writers and illustrators when a bunch of professionals from the world of children's books – writers, illustrators, educationists & publishers put their heads together to create a platform for discussions and exchange. The following year, 2010 saw the birth of the current form of our much-loved and anticipated two-day fest in Delhi.

Every year it elicits tremendous enthusiasm from our participants coming from all over India. Today, it is India's only annual congress of children's content creators, reaching out to hundreds of professionals- Writers, illustrators, designers, artists, educators, publishers, book-sellers and story-tellers.

We constantly strive to make this a platform that encourages and nurtures existing and new talent, innovations and ideas.

We are here to work with and for people who are in the business of creating content for children across media. People who will go on to create work that will influence new generations of children. It is critical to create a community of such practitioners so that ideas can be shared and debated in order to improve the quality of content being produced.

We are here to create a supportive environment for such a community and to create a space for discussion around ideas and issues.

We hope that everyone participating in JUMPSTART takes back something of value- an idea, a thought, a contact, a conversation- that will act as a catalyst for their own work with children's content